"It's official: we're pregnant with our first child!"


2 dashes… what such an extra dash cannot bring about. How long it seems since we were nervously giggling over a pregnancy test. Because was there really a second indent now? Just done one more to be on the safe side. Yes, a clear second line this time. It's official: we are pregnant with our first child!

We have already had two checks with the midwife and 'the whole world' knows that we are expecting a baby in about 5 months. We were so happy when we could share our news with everyone at 12 weeks. Never thought about how much you have to lie when you are just pregnant and share this secret with just the two of you (or actually three of you). Wine? No thank you, I am with the car because I thought it might just start raining. What do you look tired, do you not feel well? Oh that's the case, otherwise I feel fine (while you can barely keep your eyes open during your work and the nausea overtakes you every time your colleagues have made a pit stop at the coffee machine).

Fortunately, the great lying is now over, I don't seem to be such a star in cunning and deceit. It is therefore not surprising that family and friends were not at all surprised when we announced our pregnancy. 'I thought so' was the most frequently heard response. But of course everyone is happy for us and together we look forward to the future 'full of expectation'!