Friemelkontje, that's what the midwife calls our little one. '

pregnancyIs your bladder empty, ma'am? Yes of course! Strange that you suddenly find such questions perfectly normal. The 20-week ultrasound is scheduled for today at the midwife. We are really looking forward to seeing our little one again, but I secretly find it very exciting. Because imagine if they see something different? But don't overthink it!

We want the gender to be a surprise, so we are not allowed to look at the screen at the start. Not that I can tell from all those moving spots on the black and white screen. It is a good thing that the midwife always mentions what we are looking at. Unfortunately our little one is already very stubborn. He or she rolls over in all directions, but always lies in such a position that the midwife cannot view everything properly. I have to cough, jump up and down, walk around… it doesn't help much. The midwife calls our little one “Friemelkontje”. Eventually fidgety ass turns after a lot of pushing on my stomach in the right position. Am I glad my bladder was empty! Everything has been checked and approved, the baby is well on schedule in terms of growth. And now I know for sure that the crazy tickle in my stomach is our moving little one!