To the library

blogThese are the national reading days! Time for a trip to the library.

When I come to the library with the girls, they all go their separate ways and come back with stacks of books in no time. Can I have those? And can I? And I want that too!
What could be better than everywhere 'Yes of course!' to be able to cancel. Unlike a visit to a toy or clothing store. It's so wonderful to just let them figure everything out for themselves and accept those choices. Not having to say: 'no, I don't think that's very suitable, this is too expensive and we don't need that'.

It always gives me a wonderful feeling to go home with such a well-filled bag. Immerse yourself in a book together on the couch, while enjoying tea and a biscuit. How nice it is to know that reading, in addition to having fun, has so many advantages for the development of children. Language development is naturally stimulated; new words are learned and they learn how a good sentence is constructed. And by chatting about the book afterwards, I notice what a book does to the girls. Their imaginations are stimulated, they are made to think and sometimes we talk about how they would react in a certain situation from the book. I find it very pleasant, sometimes so much can handle those heads.

It also sometimes happens that books do not even come out the “biebtas”, which is not a problem. We just exchange them again and start a new quest.