The nursery is finally finished! The complete kit was delivered two weeks ago and we were finally able to put everything together. In my opinion we are running late, but that is because we have renovated half our house in the meantime. Nothing written about it, that was a project by M. 😉
The last few weeks I got some nerves. So after the paint job was done (white and eucalyptus green) I immediately called the baby store they could deliver. And they did: our entire upstairs was filled with boxes. M. and I are really good at building kits, unlike most couples. He displays all the parts, I read the manual, point out what he needs and he assembles it. Easy. Despite the good cooperation, it took a few evenings before everything was finished. This was really advanced building kits!
Since I am now also on maternity leave, I have to brush. Together with my mother and mother-in-law we clean the house from top to bottom, all the renovation dust is now gone. And the baby clothes, hydrophilic diapers and tiny rompers are now all freshly washed and ironed and are in the brand new closets. The baby can come!