New developments in childcare

Childcare is becoming increasingly important in facilities for children from 0 to 12 years old. Education and care are increasingly working together and are growing towards integrated child centers. That is why the childcare sector and the government have made agreements to improve the quality of childcare and make it more visible for you as a parent: the Innovation Quality Childcare Agreement (IKK). This agreement takes effect on 1 January 2018.

Introduction and financing
The IKK plan will come into effect on 1 January 2018. These new measures mean that significant investments are made in childcare. Due to the higher surcharge, the net prices for 'Always sure' remain the same as last year. You have been informed of the new rates. This law will also change in 2019. We will already be preparing for this in 2018. For a complete overview of all rates and options, visit

More attention to the development of your child
Each child receives its own mentor, both in day care and after-school care. This is one of the group's permanent pedagogical staff. The mentor follows the development of your child, records it and discusses this with you. The mentor is the point of contact for you and your child. Soon you will hear from the team which employee is mentor for your child.

In the New Year, your baby will have two steady, familiar faces. There are now three more. That is calmer for your baby, because there is less change of the familiar faces. In addition to the regular faces, other pedagogical employees can work.

Deviate from the labor force-child ratio
We deviate from the professional worker-child ratio (BKR) at fixed times. The BKR is the ratio between the number of professionals and the number of children present. It is now also possible to deviate for a maximum of 3 hours per whole day. For example because the pedagogical employees take a lunch break. What is new is that we record the times when this happens in the house rules of your location.

Safety and Health
In our Health and Safety policy you can read how we provide a safe place for your child. The policy states how we prevent accidents. You can also read which measures we take in the event of major risks. Pedagogical staff teach your child to deal with minor risks, such as tripping or colliding with another child. There is an employee with a child's first aid diploma at each location. This allows for quick action in case of accidents.

Change in brief What does this mean for you and your child? Per when?
Your child will be given a mentor. Your child's development is structurally monitored and recorded. The progress will be discussed with you by the mentor. 1-1-2018
Your baby will have two fixed faces instead of three There is less change of the familiar faces. The team composition at your child's location may change. 1-1-2018
There will be a safety and health policy Thanks to our Health and Safety policy, we ensure a safe place for your child. 1-1-2018
The professional worker-child ratio (BKR) is going to change The maximum group size of the out-of-school care is changing. This way, more varied activities are possible during the out-of-school care! 1-1-2019
There will be a minimum language level for pedagogical staff Your child's pedagogical assistant will be even better equipped to guide your child in his or her language development. Almost every employee at Kibeo already has this language level. 1-1-2023

(there is a training plan for the employees, so that everyone complies in '23)

Employees in the baby group receive extra training The employees in the baby group are specially trained to provide your baby with the best care. 1-1-2023

(there is a training plan for the employees, so that everyone complies in '23)