Optisport Groene Woud and Kibeo have been working together since this year. Together they introduce children to the joys of swimming and exercise. Both organizations will also be present together on the Kapelse Dag. There is plenty to do at their booth in Biezelingsestraat (near Fysio Kapelle). Those who register during the Kapelse Dag also benefit from attractive benefits.

Move together
Josephine Koch, location coordinator at Optisport Groene Woud, is enthusiastic about the collaboration with childcare organization Kibeo. “We both see the importance of getting children moving and we shape this together. We have now also found a third party willing to cooperate: with Fysio Kapelle we organize activities twice a year, aimed at exercising together and the pleasure of doing so.

Attractive offer
During the Kapelse Dag, Optisport Groene Woud and Kibeo have an attractive offer. Those who register for childcare at Kibeo receive a 5 euro discount on a twelve baths card.

Lots to experience
At the stand of Optisport Groene Woud and Kibeo there is plenty to do during the Kapelse Dag. There is a water table and a sand table, there is a 'barefoot path' to take your first steps and there is a piano. Who dares to play a melody? You can also make photo frames or get a glitter tattoo. Everyone also receives a free bounce ball. “What's nice is that our mascots are present: Yojo from Kibeo and Zed from Optisport,” says Josephine. “It's great fun to have their picture taken with them.

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