Since she is 12 weeks old, Maartje has been going to daycare 1 day a week. We think it is important that she also goes to a daycare center. We can always go there. This works fine in combination with care by grandparents. We don't want everything to end up on their shoulders. And when Maartje is a bit older, she learns to play together and interact with other children.

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'We chose Kibeo because it is close to the village. The location looks neat and tidy. Nice themed corners, lots of light in the group and a nice play area outside where Maartje will soon be able to play. I take her away with confidence, she will be well taken care of! Maartje enjoys going to the daycare center. '


'The price was very important to me in my orientation to a daycare center. I pay less than 60 euros a month at Kibeo for Maartje, which is only 15 euros a week. And it is well worth it! '

Carina den Boer - Maartje's mother