The cooperation between Kibeo and Optisport gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with Optisport Groene Woud at a high discount.

On presentation of your Kibeo customer number, you benefit from a € 10 discount on a 25-bath pass lane-free swimming, 2e person free recreational free swimming € 5 discount on a 12-bath pass target groups or no registration fee for swimming lessons (value € 22.50!).

It is important that your child can swim, but did you know that the swimming technique must also be good to ensure that your child can last longer than 5 minutes? So go on an adventure during the best swimming lessons at Optisport Groene Woud!

During the swimming lessons at Sportcentrum Groene Woud, children are taken on an adventure. Together with Zed the shark and Sop the starfish, they experience the best and most exciting adventures.

Sign up and take advantage of the discounts?
Click here to download the coupons and take it along with your Kibeo customer number to Optisport Groene Woud in Kapelle (Vroonlandseweg 45, Kapelle), or contact us via T: 0113-342827 or E: