Summer is in full swing and we notice that in the warm weather! Our pedagogical employees ensure that your child drinks enough water, is lubricated before playing outside and we look for cooling off.
During tropical days, we have special guidelines for daycare at Kibeo. Then, for example, we stay out of the full sun between 12:00 and 15:00 and offer your child even more water and snacks with a lot of moisture such as melon, tomato and cucumber. We also pay extra attention to our indoor climate and the temperature in the bedrooms.
We keep a close eye on all the guidelines of the RIVM and we also have contact with the GGD to check whether we need to take additional measures in connection with the warm weather.
This way your child can play safely and comfortably even in very hot weather.

We are happy to give you a few practical tips for the hot days. In this way, together we ensure the best protection for your child.

  • Lubricate your child before he or she comes to daycare
  • Dress your child in light clothes and bring a hat against the sun
  • Is your child sick? Then let him or her catch up at home

Also provide enough coolness at home and let your child drink enough.