Frequently asked questions about the parent portal and app:

1. What is the login code of the parent app My Kibeo?
You can also receive personal messages and photos from your child's location via your smartphone. This way you are informed about the adventures your child will experience at daycare everywhere. You download the app 'Flexkids Ouderapp' from the app store. You log in with the same data as you use to log in to My Kibeo. Kibeo's login code is 7878.

2. I am pregnant with a second child, can I register him / her in my portal myself?
You are pregnant, congratulations! We are happy that we can also welcome your second child to Kibeo. You can register your child in various ways, depending on what is easiest for you; by telephone, via chat or via My Kibeo. You can see exactly how the latter works here.

3. We are moving, can I change this myself in my portal?
You can easily change your address yourself via My Kibeo. You do this as follows.

4. Where can I read more about My Kibeo?
Here you can read what you can arrange via My Kibeo and how to do this.

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Frequently asked questions about registering your child:

1. What are the costs to register?
Registering with Kibeo is completely free!

2. How can I request a cost calculation?
You can enter a personal net cost calculation via our site. You can easily compare packages and different options. You can of course also call, email or chat. We will then advise which package suits you best. Calculate your costs here.

3. Are there waiting lists at certain locations?
It is possible that there is no space at your preferred location. We look together for an alternative, maybe other days are possible or there is a branch in the area. It is most convenient if you give us a call, we will immediately look at the possibilities.

4. Can I also be on a (dormant) registration list? I don't know when exactly I will start working.
This is possible, your application will be placed on the (dormant) registration list, this means that you will not be actively approached for the care of your child. You contact yourself when you need childcare.

5. What are the options for getting used to?
We understand that it can be quite exciting for you and your child to come to daycare for the first time. Your child can therefore get used to it twice, so you can see if Kibeo suits you.

6. How long and how much do I pay for diapers?
At Kibeo you only pay for diapers when your child needs them. You choose when you register your child for childcare or take your diapers. The price for diapers is in addition to your hourly rate. Let us know when your child is toilet trained or when you bring diapers from home. The diapers will then no longer be counted from the following month.

7. I need childcare at the BSO from 3 pm to 4 pm. Is this possible?
The minimum purchase at the BSO is from 2 hours at a time, then per half hour. View all our packages here.

8. Does my child always play in one fixed group?
Your child plays in a fixed group at his or her location. Here their friends play and their well-known pedagogical employees work. It is possible that your child is cared for in a different group than his or her regular group. You consent to this by signing the childcare agreement.

Exceptions play in a fixed group

For example, it may be that at the start of the day, at the end of the day or on quiet days, fewer children are playing at the daycare. Sometimes there are fewer groups at your location at these times. We then take care of the children together in one different group than your child's regular group. This way your child has more friends to play with on quiet days / half-days. Of course we only do this if the maximum group size is not exceeded.

It may be that the pedagogical employee of your child's group is not yet or no longer present. In that case, another permanent member of the team is present. This pedagogical employee is also a familiar and familiar face to your child.

9. Does every school have a BSO?
Kibeo works together with many schools, we often sit in the school. We think it is important to take care of a child in the familiar environment. That is pleasant for your child and also for you, you know that your child does not have to travel or is transported, but it is safe.
If you want Kibeo daycare and we are not in the school, please let the school know. Kibeo is always open to making an inventory of new places to see if we can start.
Here per municipality you will find an overview of primary schools and the Kibeo branch that is there or with which we have a (short) distance cooperation.

10. My child attends a different school than where the BSO is affiliated. Do you arrange this transport?
This depends on whether we have established a transport route between the BSO and the relevant school. View the transport routes

11. I have received an offer for the care of my child, but I cannot open the link to the explanation.
When using Internet Explorer, the link may not open. Therefore, open the link with a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Google Chrome or Safari.

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Frequently asked questions about childcare allowance:

1. What is childcare allowance?
If you and your partner both work, you are eligible for childcare allowance. This is a contribution towards the costs of childcare. You sometimes get back up to 70% of the costs. The rates at Kibeo are gross rates, you will receive a childcare allowance for this. When we talk about net costs, the childcare allowance has already been deducted from this. For more information and to apply for a supplement, please visit

2. What is the LRK number? Where can I find it?
Childcare establishments that comply with legislation and regulations are inspected by the GGD. If the location meets the requirements, it will be included in the National Register of Childcare and Playgroups. You will only receive childcare allowance if the organization where you have childcare is stated in this. All Kibeo branches comply with laws and regulations and can be found in the register. Each type of childcare per location has a unique number. You can find this number on your agreement, the location page on under the heading GGD report or the site of the LRK.

3. I am single and working, am I also entitled to childcare allowance?
I have a partner and one of us is not working, am I also entitled to allowance?
I or my partner work on the basis of 0 hours. Are we now entitled to childcare allowance?
If you want to know if you qualify for a supplement or if you want to apply for it, please visit

4. I have not received an invoice in July and August, how is this possible? I do receive a childcare allowance for 12 months. Should I also change this?
The costs for day care 'Past bij je' 40 weeks and the parental contribution for care for your toddler are spread over 10 months for existing agreements. You will not receive an invoice in the summer months. In the months of June and July there will be no invoicing for the months of July and August. It is possible to have your allowance linked to this. You can see here how to do that the daycare.
You can also choose to adjust your invoicing to 12 months so that you receive an invoice every month. Please contact the Customer Relations department via

5. I stop working, do I still receive childcare allowance?
When you become unemployed, you are still entitled to a childcare allowance for three months. This allows your child to continue to play in the familiar environment with his or her friends and girlfriends and you have the time to look for another job. That is great for you and your child! Report this change to the tax authorities within 4 weeks after you become unemployed. It is best to call the Tax Authorities via telephone number 0800-0543. They will then look at your personal situation and calculate how many childcare hours you are entitled to.

If you do not have a new job within three months, you are no longer entitled to childcare allowance. Have you used all childcare hours in the three-month period? Then your hours are up and you stop the childcare allowance. Do you still have care hours left? Then you can use it up until the end of the year. Then you stop the childcare allowance via

Calculation example for day care
You will become unemployed on 1 February. If your child goes to daycare, you are entitled to a childcare allowance until 1 May. That is a total of 18 weeks. Suppose you worked an average of 25 hours a week, then you are still entitled to an allowance for those 25 hours a week. If your child plays in daycare, you are entitled to an allowance of 140 percent of the hours worked. So 18 (weeks) x 25 (number of hours worked) x 140 percent (allowance worked hours) = 630 hours. That is the maximum number of childcare hours you are entitled to.   

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Frequently asked questions about childcare during the holidays:

1. Where can I find how many vacation hours I have?
You can request this from the Customer Relations department. In the future you will find this in My Kibeo.

2. How many hours have I built up for the Holiday MiX?
It is best to inquire about this at the Customer Relations department via 0113-760 250, chat or e-mail In the future you will find this in My Kibeo.

3. What are the times of the Holiday MiX?
The branches that are open during the holidays are open from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. The Holiday MiX program starts at 10 am. You can choose Holiday Mix in whole day parts of 5.5 hours or whole days.

4. I ticked the wrong day at the holiday care, how can I delete it?
You cannot change this yourself (yet). It is best to call, email or chat with the Customer Relations department.

5. How do I register my child for the Holiday MiX?
Do you have holiday care at the location where you also have after-school care during the school weeks? Then register your child via My Kibeo. You can immediately see if there is space at the time you have chosen and you immediately reserve a spot, handy! You can find out how to do this here.

You choose where you have Holiday MiX, do you want to go to another location during the holidays or is the location where you have after-school care during the school weeks not open? Then you register your child via the website. 

A few weeks before the start of the holiday you will receive an email from us to inform you that you can register your child(ren). Digital registration is possible up to one week before the holiday, after that registration is only possible by telephone. We do not guarantee that your child(ren) can be cared for at the location of your choice. Of course we always look for a suitable alternative.

6. I have several children, do I have to register each child separately for the Holiday MiX?
This is correct, registering for the Holiday MiX is still per child.

7. Which out-of-school care branches are open during the holidays?
Every holiday, several branches are opened per region. Here you can see which branches are open. 

8. Can I also transfer holiday hours to the next school / calendar year?
You agree on your holiday hours per calendar year, you cannot take these with you. At the start of your childcare, you speak to Customer Relations about the number of hours of holiday you need per year. Take your own vacation into account, so you don't need hours. Or a study day at school where you do need childcare. The costs for this are spread throughout the year, so you will not suddenly receive a higher invoice. Have you had too few holiday hours during the year? Contact us at the end of the year and have your holiday hours increased for the coming year, then the costs of these hours will be spread over the year from the start. If you run out of holiday hours during the year and let them increase, these new hours will be divided over the remaining months of the year.

Holiday hours pro rata
If you need out-of-school care with holiday care halfway through the year, you will receive holiday hours pro rata.

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Frequently asked questions about study days and exchanges

1. I want to exchange a day, how do I arrange this?
Does your child not come to daycare or do you need childcare on another day? Then you have the option to exchange this day. We will be expanding our exchange service from 1 January 2022. We convert your exchange days into an absence credit. You can use this credit in hours, during the entire calendar year. At the end of the year, the credit you still had expires. This makes exchanging a lot more flexible!
A number of conditions apply to the absence credit, such as the maximum number of hours that you can use and the application for using your credit. More information about the absence credit you read here.

2. I need extra childcare once, how do I arrange this?
Occasional extra childcare within the standard opening hours is possible for the hourly rate that belongs to the Past bij je childcare package. You can request additional childcare from your child's pedagogical staff member. They will then check whether there is room in the group for the day your child wants to come and play.
If your child goes to daycare, these hours will initially be charged afterwards. If your child goes to after-school care, they will be deducted from holiday hours. If you have no or insufficient holiday hours in your package, they will also be charged afterwards.

3. My child is ill, how can I deregister him / her? Can I exchange this day?
If your child is ill, always report it to the pedagogical employee at your location as soon as possible. If you have not yet made use of the option to exchange that month, you can exchange this day according to the exchange conditions (see 2021 regulations). You can request an exchange day from your child's pedagogical employee. They will then check whether there is room in the group for the day your child comes to play. No refunds will be given for childcare on this day.
From 1 January 2022 you will receive the hours in absence credit for the canceled day of care. You can use this credit in hours, during the entire calendar year.

4. Why do I pay Easter and Pentecost? Can I also exchange these days?
These days and all other national holidays are discounted in the rate, therefore you cannot exchange these days and no refunds will be given for childcare on this day.

5. When is the date of the study day known? Can I exchange this study day from Kibeo?
Kibeo may close two days a year for a study day for our employees. Usually we only use this for one (mid) day. We do this to promote the expertise of our employees. Every year we choose a different day of the week as the closing day so that you as a parent are not confronted with this every year.

Organization-related closing days
Furthermore, Kibeo closes a maximum of two organization-specific days per year. These are days that connect a holiday with the weekend. If you actually have childcare on these organization-specific closing days, you can exchange these days (provided you meet the conditions that apply to exchange).

We will announce these closing dates at least two months in advance, so that you have enough time to arrange an alternative. We will announce this via (digital) mailing and

For further explanation of the possibility to exchange, see our conditions.

6. My child's school has a study day, is the BSO open?
The BSO at your child's school opens when there are five or more registrations. You can register up to one week in advance via the parent portal My Kibeo. If you already have out-of-school care on that day, only the extra hours of care will be deducted from your holiday hours or charged afterwards.
From 1 January 2022 you can always visit the BSO during a school study day. We do ask that you register in advance, so that we know if we can expect children.

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Frequently asked questions about canceling childcare:

1. I want to cancel the daycare for my child, how does this work?
When your child turns 4, the Kibeo childcare ends automatically, you do not have to notify us. If you wish to cancel prematurely, you can do this via My Kibeo. You have one month's notice period. Please let us know why you are canceling, for example, was something not to your liking? We would like to have the opportunity to adjust our services accordingly.

2. I have canceled the daycare for my child, where can I return the tag? When will I get my money back?
You return the tag to your child's pedagogical staff member. The employees of the location will notify you that you have handed it in. When all tags have been handed in, you will receive the paid deposit back the following month.

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Frequently asked questions about direct debit and (change) account number:

1. What is Kibeo's bank account number?
Our IBAN number is: NL93RABO0387389512

2. I would like the invoice to be debited by direct debit, how do I arrange this?
When you choose Kibeo, you will receive an agreement from us for the care of your child. You will receive a SEPA form with the agreement. Using such a form, you authorize Kibeo to debit the invoice for childcare every month. Fill in this form completely and sign the agreement, then you give permission to debit the invoice every month.
Have you lost the SEPA form or do you still want to issue an authorization? You can find this in My Kibeo, under the documents tab or request a new one via

3. I recently issued a direct debit, when do you write off?
Send your fully completed SEPA form before the 10the of the month to us, then it is on time for the next collection. Otherwise, we will ask you to send the invoice yourself one last time.

4. On what date is the direct debit debited?
In the last week of the month, the invoice from the childcare is collected. We collect prior to the day of care. We do this to match the moment that you receive childcare allowance, as you will also receive this prior to the month.

5. I do not want to issue a direct debit, do you charge costs for this?
If you do not want to issue a direct debit, that is possible. We may charge administrative costs for this, see regulations. We therefore expect that your invoice will be sent on time every month.

6. The wrong amount has been debited from my account, what can I do now?
View your invoice in My Kibeo, perhaps you have incidentally purchased extra recently? If it is not correct, please contact the Customer Relations department. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or via the chat on the website. They will help you further.

7. I have a new account number, can I change this in my portal? Do I also have to fill in a new authorization form for this account number?
You cannot change a change of account number yourself via My Kibeo. You inform us by email. If you have issued a direct debit, please fill in the SEPA form again and email it immediately. You can find this SEPA form in My Kibeo.

8. My partner and I are separating, what do I have to arrange with you for this?
We understand that you have to arrange many things in such situations. We therefore try to make it as easy as possible for you. What we need to know is who will be the paying partner. We need an email confirmation from both parents. If the paying parent changes in the new situation, we need the corresponding IBAN number, any new home address and a newly completed SEPA form. We also always pass on the situation to your child's pedagogical staff member. She can pay attention to this on a pedagogical level. We help your child in this period.

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Frequently asked questions, general:

When will I receive my annual statement?
You will find the annual statement of your childcare for the previous childcare year in March in My Kibeo.

Do I have to report my holiday weeks?
Yes, this applies to certain Daycare packages.
If you have opted for the option 'Day care - Suits you', where you take care of more than 40 weeks and less than 52 weeks, you will have no care for a number of weeks. You choose which weeks these are. This is possible during school holidays, but it is also allowed during school weeks.

What is the telephone number of the location where my child is at daycare?
You can find the contact details of your child's location at the location page at

I want to file a complaint, how can I do that?
It may happen that you are less satisfied. Do you have a complaint? First discuss this with your Location Manager. If you cannot resolve it, please let us know your complaint via the complaint form. We handle your complaint according to the internal complaints procedure.

If you cannot resolve the matter with Kibeo, you can contact the disputes committee. More information about the external complaints procedure can be found in the general terms and conditions of the industry.

Do you not have a complaint, but a signal or point for improvement? We would like to hear that, because this gives us the opportunity to improve our services. Fill in our improvement form.

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