Your toddler discovers new things every day

Toddlers really develop their own character

Are you looking for a shelter in a place where your son or daughter feels at home and can be himself? Where your child is challenged to learn new things and where it is fun and protected to play with peers? Then come and have a look at Kibeo. Your child will quickly feel at home at our colorful, attractive locations. In our toddler group, formerly a playgroup or crèche, we have a lot of fun and ensure the right balance between activity and rest. At the end of the morning or the day you happily take your toddler home again.

Extra fine; varied lunch, healthy snacks, drinks, sleeping bag and sunscreen are included in the care.

In brief
  • Educational toddler groups in daycare
  • Previously a playgroup or nursery
  • Playing together with peers
  • Toddler start: learn in a playful way with the programs of Uk & Puk or Do more with Bas
  • Your toddler is well prepared for primary school
  • Often located in or near primary school
  • Municipal schemes; some municipalities compensate you for the costs
  • You choose the package that suits you

What do you pay for the care of your toddler?

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Well prepared for primary school

When your toddler turns four and he or she goes to primary school, a lot will change.

When you choose childcare from Kibeo, the step to school is a small one. Almost all day care centers work with Toddler start, certified programs that stimulate your child in his or her development.

When your child comes to Kibeo, he or she quickly makes a new boyfriend; Puk or (at a number of locations) Bas. Puk and Bas are dolls that belong to Toddler Start. Together with your toddler, they experience all kinds of recognizable, fun and exciting things. The themes of Puk and Bas are in line with those of primary school. In addition, we read aloud every day, which stimulates language and vocabulary development.

Read more about Toddler Start

Care when you need it

Maybe you are looking for childcare for fixed days or half-days per week.

But it may also be that you do not have fixed working hours and therefore need flexibility. At Kibeo we understand that not everyone has a job with fixed working days and times. That is why we adapt our care to you.

Only the best for your toddler

Kibeo only employs qualified employees who have followed child-related training.

They give your toddler all the care and love. Our own Kibeo Academy is there to keep everyone's knowledge up-to-date. From safety to nutrition, pedagogy and care: the employees who take care of your child are always aware of the latest developments.

In a safe and clean environment

Every child plays safely at Kibeo and can count on the best care.

  • All our locations have been inspected by the GGD and meet all legal requirements
  • All employees are qualified and have followed child-oriented training
  • There are only game and play materials that are certified
  • A professional cleaning company hygienically cleans every reception location every day

Municipal allowance

The government considers it very important that all toddlers have the opportunity to go to daycare with their peers. This is good for your child's development, because here your toddler will make friends, learn to count, sing songs and much more! This way your child is well prepared for primary school when he or she turns 4 years old.

To encourage this extra, some municipalities compensate you for the costs for day care. This applies to toddlers who need extra support, as well as to parents who are not entitled to childcare allowance and therefore pay a monthly parental contribution.

Check under which scheme you fall

Personal tour

Would you like to experience for yourself how nice our employees are and how nice our location is?

Stop by one Kibeo branch near you or make an appointment for a tour. We are happy to show you where your child might eat, play and sleep. And of course we answer all your questions.

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