Meet Puk

When your child comes to Kibeo, he or she quickly makes a new boyfriend; Puk. Puk is a doll that belongs to the Toddler Start-program “Uk & Puk”. Almost all our day care centers work with Uk & Puk. Together with Puk, your uk experiences all kinds of recognizable, fun and exciting things.

We always work with a different theme, which your child can use for a number of weeks. With the help of Puk your child will learn new skills in a playful way. We read aloud every day, this stimulates language development and the development of your child's vocabulary. Or we sing songs to help your child learn to count. Your child learns to make friends and to play together. The themes tie in well with those of kindergarten, so that your child will be well prepared for primary school.

Theme: Welcome Puk

'Welcome Puk' is often the first theme of the new school year. When your child just arrives at daycare, everything is new, also for Puk. Puk will discover the group room together with the children. What can you see and do? Attention is also paid to the fixed times of the day; making a circle, cleaning up after playing and going to the toilet.

Your child hears the names of the other children for the first time, starts playing together and discovers the toys. The older your child, the more the theme is expanded with activities. If your child can talk and walk, it will take Puk by the hand and show him all the nice places and toys. "Look Puk, here you can sleep and here you can eat."

Learning through play with Puk

Theme: What are you wearing today?

Clothing is central to this theme. What kind of clothes am I wearing? Pants, sweater and shoes. And Puk? Puk has dirty pants, we have to give him other clothes! Your child learns Puk and himself (with help) to dress and undress. Puk is also allowed to stay with all the children. Your child will then pack Puk's suitcase with all the things he needs. Don't forget his toothbrush and clean socks!

Your child sees himself in the mirror, feels the fabric of the clothes and learns a lot while changing. Everything items of clothing are named. The children sing songs and fold hats. And are allowed to dress up and run a fashion show. We also learn to wash! The babies play with water and soap and the toddlers wash Puk's clothes. "Now everything is clean and fresh again!"

Learning through play with Puk

Theme: Enjoy your meal!

This theme is all about food. Hmm tasty! Your child tastes blindfolded pieces of fruit and vegetables, we bake cookies and take a good look at what we all need to set the table. Are you already able to eat with a fork?

Your child can make his or her own place mat and we make skewers from all kinds of healthy treats. And where does our food actually come from? Your child learns that from a seed comes a tree in which apples grow. "Can you reach those apples high up in the tree?"

Learning through play with Puk

Theme: This is me!

In the theme 'This is me!' the body is central. We brush our teeth, smell our noses and take a good look at ourselves in the mirror. How do you look angry? And cheerful? What can we do with our hands? We will smell nice and less nice smells and we will feel with our feet; the sandbox feels very different from straw. "It tickles between my toes!"

Your child will recognize and name body parts, knows the difference between loud and soft talking, moving or sitting still. We read stories and sing songs. We also take a picture with Puk. "I still have to make myself beautiful."

Learning through play with Puk

Theme: Giants & Gnomes

Gnome Bim is playing, throwing the ball in the air. He throws so high that the ball is stuck in the tree. Fortunately, a giant arrives and takes the ball from the tree. We always start the theme 'Giants and gnomes' with the story of gnome Bim, so we introduce your child to the concepts large and small in a visual way.

Your child compares his or her feet with those of the pedagogical staff and we make a mushroom; red with white dots, large and small. We also sing songs and try to fill Puk's bag with books, but does that fit? We dress up as gnomes or giant and dance and play games to gnome music.

Learning through play with Puk

Theme: Rain

We live in a country where it rains a lot. That's why we've devoted a theme to it. Your child learns that rain makes you wet, what drops are and what the rain sounds like. We're going to blow bubbles and sing songs. And your child sees what happens to sand when it gets wet, mud!

We are also going to jump in the puddles! Puk is of course also participating, because we are not afraid of a little rain. We look outside and put on clothes that are appropriate for the weather. "Everyone grab your umbrella!"

Playful Learning with Puk

Theme: Hatsjoe!

Snotter, snotter, Puk is sick. He caught a cold. Your child will take care of Puk. Should he sneeze? "Here you have a handkerchief Puk!" Puk needs to rest, so they put him to bed. Speak very softly or he will wake up. Puk has received a card from his big brother Ko 'Get well soon', the children are also going to make a card for Puk.

A real ambulance comes by at some locations. Your child can then lie in the ambulance and on the stretcher! And of course Puk too. The theme is about being sick and getting well again. Of course Puk is completely back to normal at the end of the theme.

Playfully teach me Puk

Theme: Cuddly toys

Your child can bring his or her favorite cuddly toy to the group, can 'snoezelen' in the bedroom corner and resolves quarrels between two hugs. The theme 'Cuddles' also includes cuddling and stroking, being kind to each other and making friends. "What is your favorite hug?"

Your baby experiences how different cuddly toys feel and your toddler plays games with the cuddly toy, such as hide and seek and the cuddle dance. The sleeping ritual is also central, so your child brings Puk to his bed and prepares him for sleep. “Put on his pajamas first! Have his teeth already been brushed? ”

Theme: Phew, how warm!

Puk is wearing his sunglasses and his swimming trunks. This theme ideally takes place during the spring or a warm summer. We play water games and eat an ice cream. "Phew, how warm!"

Your child will learn the difference between hot and cold and help Puk to cool down. What happens if the children pass on ice cubes? It melts! Of course we will enjoy playing outside every day and we dance with our shadow!

Learning through play with Puk

Theme: Me and my family

Family is central to the theme 'Me and my family'. "Hi mom, hi dad, look there is grandma!" Your child learns which people belong to his or her family. We talk about 'young' and 'old' and about birthdays.

Your child will be introduced to board games and we will make a photo collage of your family. Pets are also discussed; we sing songs about it and tell stories.

Learning through play with Puk