Yesss it's blogging time again! Actually, it was blogging time a few weeks ago, but it never happened. No lack of inspiration, but unfortunately there is time.

I have been working in childcare for years and already have two older children at home. You might think; the classic mistakes with a toddler no longer occur. Nothing is less true. Also at number three, or perhaps right at number three, the classics also come by.

For example, our ladies had scored a cool Yojo tattoo at an open day this weekend. Of course it had to be glued on immediately. We do that just as quickly, I thought. Just before I pasted it, Kate became furious. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was; he was upside down! Well, if you are a toddler it is of no use that the tattoo is good for your audience. When you look at your arm, don't turn Yojo upside down for you! Duh!

Kaat has also been asking me more and more often if I don't want to go away for a while and then start doing mischief. She then climbs on the counter to take candy from the candy jar or uses a black marker to do a beautiful body painting on herself. Of course Kate knows very well that this is not the intention, but mainly finds this very funny. I found it a little less amusing and therefore indicated that I did not want to see this anymore.

The other day when I found her again from top to bottom under the marker, I asked her why she did this anyway. Didn't she have enough paper to color? Her answer was: But mama you haven't SEEN it! Well, there was no way to pin it ...