Toddlers can keep learning and discovering at Kibeo during the summer holidays! Summer school started at 15 locations this summer, especially for children who attend the toddler group of Kibeo with an indication from the consultation office (VVE indication). The children can therefore continue to playfully practice with words, language and starting math during the summer holidays!

Thanks to the summer school it will be a lot easier for the toddlers to get back into the rhythm after the summer holidays. In addition, we can make up for a possible backlog that arose because toddlers were unable to come to daycare during the corona crisis. The toddlers will work with Puk on the theme 'Oef wat warm!' so hopefully we will have a nice, warm summer! The theme deals with various activities, in which we playfully work on the development of the toddlers.

Last year we already started the toddler summer in Barendrecht. This year, we received a subsidy from the government in connection with the corona crisis to be able to offer toddler summer at 15 locations. We are pleased that we can provide the toddlers with extra support in their development. The Kibeo summer school is open several days a week in the municipalities of Barendrecht, Borsele, Goes, Kapelle, Moerdijk, Reimerswaal and Schouwen-Duiveland. Parents can register their child with a VVE indication for free to participate at least twice.

Would you like more information or register your child? Please contact the Customer Relations department via telephone number (0113) 760 250.

July 21, 2020