“Kurt has been going to daycare since he was 3.5 months old. We have opted for childcare because we think it is very important that Kurt can get along well with other children from an early age. Because my wife and I work a lot, Kurt also goes to see his grandmothers and grandfather. It is great that there is a Kibeo location in our village, which makes pick-up and drop-off very convenient. It is also nice that this location is adjacent to the school. When Kurt gets older and goes to school, the transition is not that great for him. ”

We know exactly what Kurt experiences at Kibeo

“The first time that Kurt went to daycare, we were of course quite excited, because how would it go? But we soon realized that Kurt likes to go and that the leaders are very nice to him. Via the parent app 'My Kibeo' we are kept well informed about what Kurt is doing at the daycare. We know when he is sleeping, eating or doing something else active (eg playing with the ball). ”

Lots of individual attention thanks to the baby group

“It is very nice that the smaller children are in a separate baby group. This allows our son to make contact with peers. There are also fewer children per teacher, so that the children receive more individual attention. Of course you always want that as a parent.

Due to the small scale and the individual attention for our child, we are happy with the choice for Kibeo. You really feel that you leave your child in good hands. Thanks to the communication, both via the app and during pick-up and delivery, we have a good idea of what our son is experiencing at Kibeo. ”

Rick - Kurt's dad