The new website has been launched. This website is a joint initiative of Kinderopvang Walcheren, Kinderopvang Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Kibeo, in which the forces are joined. The collaboration makes the search for childcare easier for parents. In addition, care organizations are involved in thinking about unburdening employees in the field of childcare.

Childcare choice
Choosing childcare is an important and exciting moment. Because what is best for a child? What does the parent feel comfortable with? Then it is nice to know that a child is in safe hands. “Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide care that suits the child and the personal situation. In this way, the child has great care while the parents work carefree ”, says Elly Brand, Director of Kibeo.

Customization for healthcare organizations
Childcare in Zeeland likes to think along with care organizations about unburdening staff. Annemiek Koppejan, Director-Administrator Kinderopvang Walcheren: “We know from experience that when the care of their own children is properly arranged, we know that a burden falls off the shoulders of employees.” There are various collaboration options for employers. One of these is a special childcare agreement for staff, in which a care organization can determine for itself which benefits suit the employees. Such as guaranteed childcare at a daycare center (no waiting list) or the possibility to bring a child extra early or to pick it up later, so that the childcare times match the work schedule.

Because Kinderopvang Walcheren, Kinderopvang Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Kibeo work together, they can offer this Zeeland broadly. Rianne Vons, Director-Manager Kinderopvang Zeeuws-Vlaanderen “We are very happy with this collaboration. You are stronger together. Childcare never stops and for that reason it is nice to use all our knowledge and experience to look for possibilities for the future. ”

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