Extracurricular guidance with a plus

BSO + is an out-of-school care set up to accompany children aged 4 to 12 with an extra care requirement. Kibeo works together with Juvent for this. Children who come to the BSO + sometimes need extra care and attention because they have behavioral problems, social emotional problems or a mental disability. For example, they find it difficult to make contact with or maintain contact with children or it is difficult for them to say what concerns them or what they are feeling.

Why choose the BSO +?
  • Small groups
  • Fun, group-oriented activities
  • A lot of attention for one-on-one guidance
  • Specialized pedagogical staff
  • Close cooperation between parents, school and BSO +
  • Extra support from a Juvent behaviorist

What is the goal?
The BSO + aims to spend free time and to increase social emotional skills in a fun, structured and meaningful way. Thanks to this low-threshold form of support, your child will receive extra care at an early stage, which often prevents more serious problems and more intensive forms of help.

How does it work?
The group includes a pedagogical employee from Kibeo and Juvent. They receive support from a Juvent behavioral expert. The groups are smaller than regular BSO groups; A maximum of 12 children can attend the BSO +. In addition to a group-oriented approach, there is plenty of attention for one-on-one guidance. There is close cooperation between school, parents and the BSO +.

Fun activities are central every day. The day is predictable so that your child feels safe in this environment. In addition, the space is quietly furnished and there are permanent play areas.

The focus is on emphasizing the good qualities of your child. A positive approach encourages your son or daughter to display positive behavior. Your child can also take social and emotional skills training in groups.

Who is the BSO + for?
The BSO + is there for all children who need a helping hand, not only for children from De Tweern or De Meie. The costs for the BSO + are the same as for the regular BSO. In many cases, parents can be reimbursed for the costs if they have an indication from the CIZ. Or you may be able to request a contribution for the costs of the out-of-school care + through the tax authorities in the context of the Childcare Act. At the Department customer relationship they can tell you all about this.

Currently there are 2 branches of Kibeo where BSO + is offered;

Do you think your child will do better in the BSO + group than in a regular group? Then register your child with the Kibeo Customer Relations department. You will receive an invitation for an interest conversation with our pedagogical staff. If this shows that your child belongs in this plus group, funding will be arranged and it is discussed whether you qualify for an indication. We are happy to help you with applying for this indication.

Contact the customer relations department on 0113-760 250 or customersrelatie@kibeo.nl.