After-school care, play paradise for school kids

Is your child going to primary school and are you looking for childcare?

Then come and have a look at Kibeo.
Your son or daughter can before and after school and during the school holidays come to us. Enjoy crafting, playing, romping and exploring with friends. Each out-of-school care is linked to one or more schools and almost all of Kibeo's out-of-school care centers are located in or close to a primary school. Handy for you and familiar for your child! Extra fine; fresh fruit, drinks and (healthy) snacks are included in the care.

Here you can see to which primary school your BSO is linked. In some schools we also offer mid-school care.

In brief
  • For school kids from 4 to 12 years old
  • Always a familiar face for your child
  • Playing with friends
  • Fun and challenging activities
  • Often located in or close to primary school
  • After-school care open daily from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm
  • You choose the package that suits you

What do you pay for the out-of-school care?

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Relax after school

After an intensive day at school, it is time to relax. Your child can choose from all kinds of activities. From chilling on the couch with a book to playing games with friends, making creative crafts or playing outside on the large green square. Everything is possible in consultation, because that is how it often goes at home.

Childcare - Kibeo

Care when you need it

Whether you need more rest in the morning routine or want to come home as a family carefree at the end of the day: we will set up the care as it suits you. Because we are already open at 7 a.m., you have plenty of time to bring your child to us first and then go to work relaxed. We ensure that your child is in class on time. After school we are even open until after 6 pm. Make your wishes known and we will arrange it!

Sports out-of-school care

Football, hockey, but also musical chairs, fish tick and magic ball. Sports, jumping, running and moving, that's what your child does after school at the sports BSO. Goal: Have fun in sports and exercise together!

Sufficient sports and exercise are important for the development and health of your child. We ensure a good balance between exercise and relaxation.

Your child can go to the sports BSO at these locations:

  • Kibeo Stengeplein in Heinkenszand
  • Kibeo Vroonlandseweg in Kapelle
  • Kibeo Sport-BSO Hoeksche Waard in Mijnsheerenland
  • Kibeo Sport-BSO Zierikzee
  • Kibeo Sport-BSO Goes
Sports out-of-school care out-of-school care Kibeo


Kibeo also has two theater out-of-school care centers. Here we show all kinds of aspects of theater. Such as theater, dance, music, decor. But also make-up, puppet shows and experience activities.

Your child can enjoy himself creatively and learns to stand in front of a group in a playful way. Having fun is paramount!

Your child can go to the theater BSO at these locations:

Kibeo Elvis Presleylaan in Goes
Kibeo Stengeplein in Heinkenszand


If your child has an extra care requirement, he or she can participate in the BSO + after school. With a lot of attention to 1-on-1 guidance, our specialized pedagogical employees offer fun, group-oriented activities.

We work closely with Juvent and the primary schools for this. Together we ensure that your child plays with friends in a fun, structured and meaningful way, while increasing their social emotional skills.

Your child can go to the BSO + at these locations:

Kibeo Evertsenstraat in Goes
Kibeo Grachtweg in Zierikzee
Read more about BSO +

Passionate pedagogical staff

Your child will receive plenty of attention from our experienced pedagogical staff. They have plenty of time for questions and stories. Your child will soon feel at home with us. It goes without saying that all our employees are qualified and have completed child-related training. They follow training courses at our own Kibeo Academy to keep their knowledge up-to-date. From pedagogy and didactics to safety and nutrition.

Childcare Goes - Kibeo
Green Daycare Sommelsdijk - Wiedewei

Guaranteed safety

At all locations of Kibeo, children play and stay safe and protected.

  • All our locations have been inspected by the GGD and meet all legal requirements
  • All employees are qualified and have followed child-oriented training
  • There are only game and play materials that are certified
  • A professional cleaning company hygienically cleans every reception location every day

Personal tour

Experience for yourself how nice our employees are and how nice our location is?

Come by for a no-obligation tour. Visit a Kibeo branch near you or make an appointment. Your child can come and play, learn and make friends for two half days for free. This way you can both see if Kibeo is right for you.

Guided tour

Kibeo out-of-school childcare