Saint Nicholas

It all started a bit like this in mid-October; would he come? What could go wrong this year? Is it real?

The subject of Sinterklaas came up very regularly. When Jet heard that Fien had her doubts, she reacted fiercely; “Do you think mommy buys those presents !? That really is not possible, she would be broke for a long time! ” 

Consciously experiencing

So it became November and with the start of the Sinterklaas journal there was no longer any doubt whatsoever and all new Petes were warmly welcomed. A busy but atmospheric time. I think it is very nice to see how our girls are completely absorbed in it. For Kaat this is the first year that she really experiences it. That certainly makes it special. The first time she walked around the room with 2 shoes all evening, the second time she knew exactly what the intention was. "Tomorrow gingerbread mum," she said.


For me, the highlight was really the arrival of Sint and Piet at the quay in Goes. Everywhere little Petes and Saints were singing lustily. And what enthusiasm when the boat was finally in sight; he is really there! Our girls think it is beautiful and exciting at the same time. And I? Perhaps I enjoy the most.