In addition to all swimming and splashing activities, playing games is also a regular feature of the holiday. The girls have a lot of fun and I find it very pleasant myself. Apart from that, playing games has many other advantages.

When Jet was a toddler, she was a true waterfall of speech. She wanted to tell so much that this made her trip over and stutter. Jet was the youngest in our family at the time and she tried to keep up with her big sister in everything. Likewise with talking. That resulted in a lot of and very fast talking.

One of the speech therapist's tips was to teach Jet through games that she should not be afraid that her turn would not come. Although I thought that was a bit far fetched at first, it turned out to really work. It made sure, along with some other tips, that she got rid of stuttering within six months!

Because of this tip, there are actually always games available at home, suitable for every age. In the beginning it is sometimes very difficult to lose, but Fien and Jet are now so far that it is no longer about that. That is another story for Kaat 😉

After playing Monopoly Junior for years, Fien and Jet were now ready for the adult version. They thought it was very cool when they received it as a joint gift for their birthday. With Monopoly, counting and arithmetic are naturally stimulated. You can ask how much money they have at any time, the answer will always be accurate to the penny.

In addition, reading and vocabulary are also discussed. For example, last week 'run-over-you buildings and pay € 25 per house ' read. Question marks for everyone ...

'Renovate your buildings' appeared on the card. Of course the ladies wanted to know what that means, so I explained that immediately. So you see, you always learn something from a game!