Steven Pont speaking

“The great thing about childcare is that you have a group of children together. Children learn a lot from each other there and thus develop a lot of skills. Especially the empathy, because you have to estimate what the other does not understand. And that means that you have to put yourself in the shoes of the other, which requires great social skills. "Why does that other child not understand something and what can I do to make him understand?"

As a parent, you often let your child win at home. Your child often gets away with something, for example by acting cute. And that's fine too. But it is also good that a child has a place where there is a little more sense of reality. In childcare, a child gets a reality check in that regard, because other children are not as permissive as parents sometimes are.

The quality of childcare is very important; the reception must be sublime. And that is not only ensuring that the children are having a good time, the pedagogy must also be optimal. This requires well-trained pedagogical employees who can identify each child's individual needs and then respond to this. After all, children are in the most vulnerable period of their lives and that is why a good start also gives them a fair chance in their development.

Finally, a few more tips.
You cannot spoil a baby in the first year. So don't think you're being manipulated when they cry. For example, a baby who is crying in bed for 45 minutes is simply unhappy and is entitled to love and attention.

For parents with toddlers; it is not meant personally, it comes to toddler puberty. It is part of their development that they are going through a difficult period, so their behavior is not necessarily directed against you personally.

And I give the following advice to parents with school-aged children; let them figure it out for themselves. Mother; don't be so scared and father; don't do much for that! ”