At Kibeo you can pay with Tikkie if you have not issued a direct debit. Tikkie is a payment app with which you can safely, easily and quickly online pay via iDEAL

You receive a message that your invoice is ready in My Kibeo, as usual. In this post you will find a link to you invoice via T.I choose too Pay. Via theshe link you will be sent to your own secure internetBankierenvironment and you pay via iDEAL your invoice. 

Important information to know 

  • The account number you see differs from the account number you are used to from us. You will see with your Tikkie payment the account number NL97 ABNA 0619 9775 15, this is the suspense account from Tikkie to which your payment will be transferred. 
  • The link you have received is valid for 14 days. 
  • You can use the T.I only want to meet once. 
  • You have to enter the T.I don't want to use the app to download. 

 Rather automatic collection? 

Make it even easier for yourself; je can you payment also arrange by direct debit. Mighty Kibeo via a SEPA form about the invoice for childcare monthly automatically to write off. You will find this form in My Kibeo, at the tab information.