Dear parent, caregiver,

You have received a proposal for the care of your child at Kibeo. This proposal is based on your current childcare contract at De Roef, looking at the package that suits you best. Below is an explanation of the proposal.

Overview of your daycare
In the proposal you will see your monthly costs based on our gross hourly rate in 2019. This amount may be higher than you are used to now. Due to developments from the Innovation and Quality of Childcare Act (IKK), the Collective Labor Agreement for Childcare and general costs, the rates for childcare will increase in 2019.

Because you will be eligible for a higher childcare allowance earlier in 2019, the net costs are usually the same between 2018 and 2019. Easily calculate what your net childcare costs will be in 2019 via our handy calculation tool.

You can arrange holiday care yourself flexibly
During the school holidays there is always holiday care nearby. Depending on the out-of-school care package you choose, you have flexible holiday hours. You can use this when you need childcare during school holidays, incidental extra childcare or during study days at school. You register your child every holiday for the days that you need childcare. You are not bound to fixed childcare days.

We have looked at the number of holiday hours that you have recorded on your contract with De Roef and we have included this in your childcare agreement. If you need more or less holiday care per year, please inform the Customer Relations department.

Extended childcare
Do you need longer care outside regular childcare hours? Extended childcare is possible from half an hour at a time for a higher rate.

 How does exchange work?
As a service you can exchange 2 days (del) and per month free of charge. You can request an exchange day from your child's pedagogical staff member. This is only possible if there is room in the group. Kibeo does not work with an exchange credit. In our regulations you will find the conditions under which you can exchange.

How is invoicing done?
In the last week of the month, the invoice from the childcare is collected. We collect prior to the day of care and match your allowance. You will receive the invoice for childcare in January 2019 around December 20, 2018. We will invoice the costs for out-of-school care in 10 months instead of 12 months. This means that you will not receive an invoice in June and July. You can connect your childcare allowance to this. How that works read here.

From 1 January 2019, De Roef will stop offering childcare. From that moment on you can contact Kibeo for the care of your child, if you agree with the proposal for your care contract. Would you rather use a different package or more information? Please feel free to contact our Customer Relations department via or 0113-760 290. You can of course also ask your questions during the information evening in your area.

Disclaimer: no rights can be derived from the information provided. The information given is based on the situation as it was known on 01-11-2018