We looked forward to it for weeks; the big vacation! And now my first working days are over after three weeks of vacation, but that holiday feeling will remain as long as the children are on vacation. Sitting outside after a working day and few other obligations, that feels like a holiday.

That was different the last few weeks before my vacation. Run and fly. Recognizable to most parents. There is still a lot to be done; a sports club outing, four-day evening, cleaning evening at school and also at work, everything had to be 'just' off.

In itself I like to be busy, but sometimes it is a bit too much. This results in stress and in my case mainly a lack of overview, which makes me forget things. Now I often suffer from some forgetfulness. I'm afraid I can't put it on pregnancy dementia after four years, but recently I had another clumsy action in the 'forgetfulness' category.

I went with a colleague to an appointment in Barendrecht and found out on the way back that I had forgotten my coat there. No problem, enough coats and the weather was nice.

Until I almost remembered at the carpool place that all my keys were in that jacket. Without keys I could not go home by car and not in our house. Quite difficult with the busy program I still had that afternoon. Of course I also had to make sure that I got my coat, keys and car back home. At that point, only calmness could save me, and with the help of my family and colleagues, everything turned out fine. But at the time I thought: "How can I be so stupid ?!"

That same afternoon Fien forgot her coat twice, which I sent her back twice. When I jokingly asked her who gave her that forgetfulness, she replied without batting an eyelid: "From Dad!"

The saying 'children tell the truth' was perhaps a little questioned here. That poor man of mine!