Kibeo attaches great importance to safety. When you think of safety, you actually quickly think of physical safety; the group is therefore a safe place for the children. For example, there are child locks on the kitchen doors, safety strips on the doors, all pedagogical employees have taken an emergency response course and there is always an escape bag ready if necessary. These are a few examples of Kibeo's physical security measures.

But what is just as important to a child and his or her parents is emotional security. And you don't often think of that when you think of 'safety'. While this is very important! Because if a child does not feel safe in the group, he will not develop. And if parents do not feel safe with the place or the leaders where they bring their most precious possessions, they will unconsciously also transfer this to their child.

Emotional safety is therefore extremely important to us. But how do you ensure this? First of all, it is important that the parents feel comfortable. We always make time for a chat, take a vulnerable position and a little humor does a lot too. Recently a parent gave us a big compliment. She said she left her child with us with peace of mind from day one. Look, and that's what we do it for!

But the child must of course also feel at ease. A child must be able to be himself. For one this goes without saying, the other needs some help with that. For example, one child not only dares to walk around in the circle, but he or she might dare to do it together with Puk! Another person finds it difficult to stay in the chair, so it may help to ask if he or she is handing out the cups to the children in the circle. Positive rewards often work much better than punishment.

In short, if you feel emotionally safe, you can be yourself. And if you are yourself, you develop. Carlito of 3 years summed up the last perfectly. His mother went home and when he gave her a big kiss he said: “Mommy, I wish you were on my group too. Then you could see how nice it is here! '

I say mission accomplished!