When she was 3.5 months old, Fenna came 1 or 2 times every other week to the Kibeo Vroonland daycare center in Mijnsheerenland. The now almost three-year-old toddler sometimes still finds it difficult to say goodbye to Dad in the morning, but in the afternoon she always says: "It was fun today, Mom!"

Play together and learn to share

'At the day care center, Fenna learns how to interact with other children in a group; eat together, sing songs, play games and listen. She also learns to share things, something that we find very important. This is sometimes still difficult for her, haha. '

Nice contact with the teachers

'Kibeo is a very accessible organization. Besides the fact that the day care center is close to home, we also like the contact with the teachers. The leaders are very friendly and honest with Fenna as well as with us. The contact is a nice way, which means that we can leave our daughter behind with confidence. If there is anything, we always hear this from the teachers. '


Mariëlle de Gelder, mother of Fenna