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Welcome to Kibeo Cleeuwendamme in Borssele

When your toddler comes to learn in a playful way at our daycare, it is nice that he or she is taught Christian standards and values, just like at home. We always start and end the day with a prayer, we sing psalms and listen to a story from the Bible in the circle. As a result, your child is familiar with God's Word from an early age. The employees who take care of your child also have a Christian Reformation background. Feel free to drop by for one guided tour and find out if Kibeo suits you and your child. We would like to meet you and your children.

Arieke Dijksterhuis
Location manager

Good to know
  • We are located in the Ds. GH Christmas School with whom we work closely together
  • The toddlers have their own playground
  • Via the parent portal My Kibeo you see what your child experiences and learns
In brief
  • Open Mon, Tue and Thu from 8.15am - 12.15pm
  • The Bible is our starting point
  • Learning through play for 2- and 3-year-olds
  • Thanks to toddler start well prepared for primary school
  • Good for language development
  • GGD report
Reformational childcare center Borssele

Your toddler on a journey of discovery

Your little toddler is turning 2 years old, you now have a discovering toddler! Toddlers quickly become more independent, are curious and enjoy playing with peers.

Learning and growing in a playful way
Are you looking for a nice daycare for your toddler that offers security and attention and also prepares your little one for primary school? With toddler start Kibeo gives your toddler the opportunity to explore, gain experience and push boundaries. They learn and grow together with friends. Together with you, we ensure that your toddler develops step by step into a child that will soon be ready for primary school.

Learning through play

When your toddler comes to play with us, he or she quickly makes a new friend; Bass. Bas is a doll and experiences all kinds of recognizable, normal, fun and also exciting things.

New skills
Bas teaches your toddler a lot in a playful way, such as making friends and all kinds of concepts, such as 'big' and 'small'. While singing your son or daughter learns to count and how many days there are in the week. Your child develops his or her vocabulary through reading aloud every day.

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Reformed childcare center Borssele - Kibeo

Welcome to Kibeo

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Cleeuwendamme 1
4454 BX Borssele

E-mail: refcleeuwendamme@kibeo.nl
Phone: 06 22 10 36 22

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