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Welcome to Kibeo Joseph Lunslaan in Goes

Your curious toddler always has something to see, discover or do at Kibeo, along with friends. Together outside on an adventure in the garden. Play inside challenging corners or listen to an exciting story to read in the circle. Your schoolchild can wake up quietly with us in the morning and play with friends in the afternoon, organize activities or relax with a book on the couch.

You are always welcome to visit us to see if Kibeo suits you and your child. Or make an appointment for one guided tour. We would like to meet you.

Good to know
  • Located in Brede School Goese Polder
  • Good cooperation with the Holtkampschool and primary school the Northern Lights
  • Enjoy playing outside on the large playground
  • Via the parent portal My Kibeo you see what your child experiences and learns
Day care in short
  • For toddlers aged 2 and 3
  • Open Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri from 8.30am - 12.30pm
  • We involve your child in the planning of the day; from making up activities to helping you cut fruit
  • Your child plays together with peers
  • Thanks to toddler start your toddler will be well prepared for primary school
  • GGD report Day care
Out-of-school care in short
  • Pre-school care open from Monday to Friday from 7 am
  • After-school care is open from Monday to Friday until 6.30 pm
  • Your child develops his or her talent through fun and educational workshops after school.
  • During school holidays, your child can watch the Holiday Mix here which BSOs are open
  • GGD report BSO

Your toddler on a journey of discovery

Your little toddler is turning 2 years old, you now have a discovering toddler! Toddlers quickly become more independent, are curious and enjoy playing with peers.

Learning and growing in a playful way
Are you looking for a nice daycare for your toddler that offers security and attention and also prepares your little one for primary school? With toddler start Kibeo gives your toddler the opportunity to explore, gain experience and push boundaries. Together with boyfriends and girlfriends. Learning and growing in a playful way. Together with you, we ensure that your toddler develops step by step into a child that will soon be ready for primary school.

Childcare - Kibeo

Your uk, learns together with our Puk

When your toddler comes to play with us, he or she quickly makes a new friend; Puk. Puk is a doll and experiences all kinds of recognizable, normal, fun and also exciting things. Puk sits in the circle, plays in the square and consoles when needed.

New skills
Puk teaches the children a lot of new skills in a playful way. For example, your toddler learns concepts such as 'big' and 'small' in the Puk theme 'Giants and Gnomes', while singing the children learn to count, but they also learn how to make friends and how many candles there are on their birthday cake.

After-school care, play paradise for school kids

What do you feel like? You are the boss of your free time! Of course, rules and agreements are important at out-of-school care, but there is also plenty of room for personal input, making independent choices and playing with peers.

Just like at home
We think it is important that your child feels at home and has a good relationship with the pedagogical staff. From undertaking an activity together to relaxing after a busy school day: everything is possible in consultation. Because that's the way it often goes at home!

Childcare Kibeo

Relaxed to work

Is your child going to primary school and are you looking for care before and / or after school? Because we are already open at 7 a.m., you have plenty of time to bring your child to us first and then go to work relaxed. We ensure that your child is in class on time. After school we are normally open until 6.30 pm.

Childcare Kibeo


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Childcare Goes - Kibeo

Welcome to Kibeo

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Joseph Lunslaan 5
4463 CV Goes

E-mail: josephlunslaan@kibeo.nl
Phone: (0113) 76 83 40

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