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Welkom bij Peutergroep Jan van Schengen in Heinkenszand

Bij ons is er voor je kind veel te zien, doen en ontdekken. Binnen speelt je zoon of dochter in uitdagende hoeken. Buiten kan je kind lekker rennen, fietesen en samen met vriendjes op avontuur gaan. Onze activiteiten zijn goed voor de ontwikkeling en vooral ook heel erg leuk! En jij weet dat je kind bij ons in deskundige en vertrouwde handen is.Kom gerust eens langs voor a tour and find out if Kibeo suits you and your child. We would like to get to know you, because you will be closely involved in the care of your son or daughter.

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Childcare Kibeo Torenmolen - Barendrecht

Your toddler on a journey of discovery

Your little toddler is turning 2 years old, you now have a discovering toddler! Toddlers quickly become more independent, are curious and enjoy playing with peers.

Learning and growing in a playful way
Are you looking for a nice daycare for your toddler that offers security and attention and also prepares your little one for primary school? With toddler start Kibeo gives your toddler the opportunity to explore, gain experience and push boundaries. They learn and grow together with friends. Together with you, we ensure that your toddler develops step by step into a child that will soon be ready for primary school.

Your uk, learns together with our Puk

When your toddler comes to play with us, he or she quickly makes a new friend; Puk. Puk is a doll and experiences all kinds of recognizable, normal, fun and also exciting things.

New skills
Puk teaches your toddler a lot in a playful way, such as making friends and the concepts 'big' and 'small' in the Puk theme 'Giants and Gnomes'. While singing your son or daughter learns to count and how many candles there are on the birthday cake.

Childcare - Kibeo


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Neem een kijkje bij Peutergroep Jan van Schengen

Hier plaatsen we leuke filmpjes en foto’s van onze belevenissen op de groep. Geniet mee van de activiteiten die we doen; van Puk-thema’s en knutselen tot ons buitenspeelplezier.

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