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Welcome to Wiedewei Maasdam

Here the world is one big voyage of discovery. Our large, challenging, green garden is completely designed for this. How do the flowers smell, how do the blades of grass feel and how do fruit and vegetables grow? Your child can safely discover, develop and play with friends and girlfriends.

Are you curious about where your child might eat, play, sleep and make friends? You are always welcome to see if Wiedewei suits you and your child. We would like to meet you!

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Childcare Kibeo Merwedestraat - Maasdam

Welcome to Kibeo

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Merwedestraat 58
3299 XD Maasdam

E-mail: wiedeweimaasdam@kibeo.nl
Phone: (078) 676 3537 or 06 86 88 60 26

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