Reading a book before going to sleep is a common practice for Kaat. Like many children, she often chooses the same book over and over again. To keep it interesting, I always like to talk about the book. Questions like "What would happen?", "Where is something going wrong?" and "What do you think?" often pass by. Nice to talk about this together. And especially nice because other conversations arise in this way.

When Kate knows a book well, she always thinks it is fantastic to read it herself. I think it's amazing how good her memory is. She knows how to 'read' almost all text exactly without actually being able to read, so clever! Fortunately, I always receive a compliment when the book is out: "Well listened to mom!"

Where Kaat is still easy to stimulate in reading a book, this is a different story with Fien and Jet. Unfortunately, they think they are too big for this. Looking for a nice book is one thing, but worrying that it is read is another! After all, there are so many other things that attract attention and unfortunately that is not playing outside but mainly watching screens: television, tablet and telephone. It is quite a job to prevent them from spending too much time on this, especially in the winter months. A list with clear rules then offers us a solution. We do not always apply these rules strictly, but when it really gets too crazy it is nice to be able to use the list. This creates a little less discussion.

But once they start reading the book is so exciting… Especially with Jet, the book must be finished as soon as possible. It is then difficult to stop before going to sleep and we have to look for a new book again very quickly, which is a good sign.

After all, what I like the most are the moments when they read to each other. Big and little sister together, a beautiful picture!


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