At Kibeo we see every day how even the little ones have fun together and challenge each other. The little ones look at each other, make contact and discover that when they smile at another baby, they often smile back. Even before they can talk, children learn a lot from each other! This is how the foundation for the best friendships is laid at a young age. By making friends, a child learns to play together, to share and to be considerate of other children. Good for the development of social skills. That is why Kibeo celebrates the 'week of friendship' from 10 to 14 February. A friend week full of fun activities at all nurseries, toddler groups and after school care with the theme 'Friendship'.

The first friendships

The activities are adapted to the various stages of friendship that can be distinguished in the development of children. From simple and short games such as 'peek-a-boo' for the babies to a game of monkeys for the toddlers. The toddlers do small assignments, dances and music games together. And the older school children follow a route with a blindfold, where trust is central, make a friend's garland and play games that focus on cooperation. In short, the children can choose from all kinds of creative activities and games. There is also plenty of reading and singing about friendship.