A while ago I was with the girls to the home boulevard and we were looking at carpets. There they found a lovely, soft rug that all three of them loved.

Now I had also been looking for a while, so that worked out well. Pack and go. Fortunately, I realized just in time that the carpet probably wouldn't fit in my car. So I agreed with them that my husband would pick up the rug. Unfortunately, the rug had just been sold when it arrived and there were no others in stock. So that was a disappointment. Now, a few weeks later, the rug is finally in the living room.

I never thought that children would be so happy with a carpet. As soon as I step into the living room, at least one girl is cuddling with the rug. How wonderful to see that children can enjoy it so much. It even happens that during 'screen time', we have fixed agreements about when a screen can be looked at, they are first cuddled with the carpet.

The rug is also perfect for all kinds of drawings. Kate makes snow angels on the rug and Fien and Jet play butter, cheese and eggs by drawing on the rug with their fingers.

I love to see how a simple rug challenges children to use their senses and how it stimulates their development. I do know that it is important to stimulate sensorimotor development in young children, but I did not think it would still have such an appeal in children about 10 years old. It is special to learn from my own children in this way.

Recently, Kate was not very fit and she was just as comfortable on the rug under a blanket. After about 10 minutes it suddenly became very quiet. She had fallen asleep and had a good nap.

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