General explanation

Day care: 0 to 3 years

The rates stated on the website are calculated based on the number of weeks that you purchase childcare and are charged in 12 monthly installments. An exception to this is the childcare option 'Fits you - 40 weeks'. The rates are calculated on the number of weeks that you purchase and in 10 monthly installments charged. For parents and / or carers who do not qualify for a supplement, the number of weeks they use is also included 10 monthly installments charged. In the months of June and July, no payments will be made.

Out-of-school care: 4 to 12 years old

For out-of-school care apply (taxi) transport other conditions.

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Out-of-school care: Flexible holiday hours

Holiday hours are offered at the same rate as the hours during the school weeks, depending on the number that you purchase. The annual costs of these flexible holiday hours are included in your monthly invoice. If childcare starts during the year, the holiday hours are offered pro rata. The minimum purchase of 120, 130 or 140 flexible holiday hours (depending on the service) is converted into the number of months remaining until the end of the calendar year. Refund of holiday hours not used but already paid will not take place.

Flexible holiday hours can also be used during school weeks, except during school holidays. For example during study days and when the school is closed. Or if your child occasionally comes to play extra at the after-school care.

Do you want childcare during the school holidays? Always register your child for the Holiday MiX. Does your child attend the same BSO during the holidays as during the school weeks? Register your child via My Kibeo. Is your child going to another location during the holidays? Then you can register your child about 6 weeks before the start of the holiday via the online registration form.

Closing days

Kibeo has the option of closing a maximum of two days to be determined by the organization. In consultation with the Client Council, these are both days that link a public holiday with the weekend.
For 2020, these are Monday, May 4, the day before Liberation Day and Friday, May 22, the day after Ascension Day.
For 2021, these are Monday April 26, the day before King's Day and Friday May 14, the day after Ascension Day

On these days all branches of Kibeo and Wiedewei and the Central Office of Kibeo are closed.

Childcare allowance

If you are both working and / or attending school, you are entitled to childcare allowance. This is a contribution towards the costs of childcare. Apply for the supplement directly via as soon as you have received your childcare agreement or at least within 3 months after you started using the childcare. This way you will certainly not miss out on a surcharge and you avoid unnecessarily advancing costs yourself.