Transport between primary school and Kibeo

Kibeo considers it important to receive children in their own environment. That is why the BSO is often located in or near school. Where childcare is not possible at school or at a Wiedewei location, Kibeo arranges transport.

The principles for transport are:

  • Transport only takes place on fixed transport routes
  • We always choose the safest route, we do not deviate from this
  • Transport only takes place from your own work area, children are not collected in areas where Kibeo is not located
  • In principle, no transport of children takes place in the morning (VSO only at branches near / in school)
  • Transport is cost-effective
  • The transport costs are fixed costs. Refunds for unused transport will not be made.
  • The provisions of the Kibeo Childcare Facilities Regulations apply to transport.

In 2020, the rate of € 3.95 per journey per child applies for a transport route.
In 2021, the rate of € 4.10 per journey per child applies for a transport route.

Trajectories in Moerdijk
From primary school De Rietvest to 't Ravelijn Klundert


Trajectories in Barendrecht
From primary school Smitshoek-Riederhof to Wiedewei Buitengewoon
From primary school De Zeppelin to Wiedewei Buitengewoon
From primary school Smitshoek-Brandsma-akker to Wiedewei Buitengewoon


Trajectories in the Hoeksche Waard
From Molenwiek primary school to Sport-BSO Hoeksche Waard
From primary school De Boomgaard to Sport-BSO Hoeksche Waard


Trajectories on Goeree-Overflakkee
From primary school Eben Haezer to Kibeo Jongkoenstraat Goedereede


Pathways in Kapelle
From primary school Juliana van Stolberg to Kibeo Dijkwelseweg Kapelle