Lately we have seen all kinds of things about the Corona virus on the news. Not only we as parents but also the children were busy with it. Fien and Jet watch the youth news every day and ask all kinds of questions: 'How?', 'What?' and especially 'Why?'. Kate also wondered: "Do I have it too?" when she was sitting in front of the TV and felt a little cold at that moment.

Last week, the reports became more alarming and the measures serious. What an impact, for everyone, especially the people in healthcare, of course. It was also a shock for the children. The schools and sports clubs are closing, so we will be home for three weeks… 'What are we going to do now?', Was the first question.

The teachers at school were very quick with providing homework. So the girls could get started right away. I myself am still working and Martien is working at home these weeks. It takes some getting used to, but we have created their own, permanent place for everyone. That is a lot more pleasant than the five of us at the kitchen table. The children need clarity and structure during this period, so we made agreements together. We have created a nice time table that shows what they can do and when.

We stay active both indoors and outdoors. Crafts are being made for grandpa, which we cannot go to right now. We brighten up the house with Easter decorations and we do fun, interesting experiments. Yesterday afternoon the bikes were scooped, which ended in a water ballet! Fortunately, we are still allowed to leave the house and the garden, so after work it is time for a game of football with the family in the empty schoolyard. And a detour through the village, on foot or by bicycle, is also nice. A lot of inspiration can be found online for activities that you can do at home with the children, you can also find all kinds of fun and educational activities on the facebook pages of the Kibeo and Wiedewei branches. Kate immediately started her morning gymnastics this morning after seeing a movie!

In this way we try to make it fun together, because that is important for the state of mind of all of us!

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