We started again ...Stories from Vivian

After 6 wonderful weeks of vacation, we are suddenly in the first week of October. I just sat down for it, my very first blog. With this I want to give you a glimpse into the everyday life of my family.

After the holidays my 'big' girls started in groups 3 and 5 and our little lady goes to the daycare center again for 2 days. What takes getting used to; no longer playing outside for evenings, sleeping in and having pajama mornings. No, instead we have to get out of bed on time every morning and therefore back in the evening on time. It is quite an organization to get everyone to the right destination on time in the morning and to ensure at the end of the day that we are all back home and have something to eat. Besides school and daycare, the sports clubs have also started again; we go from swimming lessons, to football, to gymnastics lessons and back again.

It seems like a tall order, but I also really enjoy the enthusiastic stories and seeing how friends are visited again and how the girls really missed their teacher during the holidays. Everyone has something to say at the table. You can imagine that there is a lot of chatting with 3 girls! We also talk
about the holiday and turns out to be the most important question; "Where are we going next year?"

The best conclusion from one of the girls was surely; “During the holidays it is always weekend, but after the holidays the weekend is much more fun." That's how it is!