If you are not yet a customer of Kibeo, it is possible that your toddler will come and play 2 times for free at the location of your choice. You and your toddler can see if the educational toddler group suits you.

It is legally required to have an agreement with Kibeo when your toddler comes to play; you and your toddler must be known to us. Fill in the form below with the employee of the location where you want your toddler to play.

Wealth Agreement

Mandatory form when a toddler comes to get used to the location.
  • Name of the child who is getting used to
  • * Date Format: DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • Name of establishment and place name
  • Your child can come and get used to it twice free of charge, if this is possible due to the occupation. You agree this with the pedagogical employee or location manager of the location of your choice.
    DayStart timeEnd time 
  • Who do we call in case of an emergency?
  • Who do we call in case of an emergency?
  • Does your child have certain needs or specialities that we should take into account?
  • Enter the e-mail address of the branch here, you will receive this completed form.



  • your toddler can come and play for free at an establishment of your choice, a voucher does not give right to this every time
  • you cannot derive any rights from the voucher
  • you do not purchase childcare from Kibeo for this toddler yet
  • your details are known to Kibeo via this form
  • Playing 2 times for free is only possible if this is allowed due to the occupation

Your details are known to Kibeo by filling in.

Your toddler learns new things every day

Toddlers are curious, like to play with peers and are already developing their own character. At Kibeo we know how to handle that. In a challenging, safe environment, your toddler can explore to his heart's content with new friends, make music, songs
singing, puzzles and much more!

Why do parents choose Kibeo

  • Boyfriends and girlfriends to play with
  • Your toddler is playfully stimulated in language development
  • Plenty of toys, age and developmental level
  • Fun, educational activities, often based on themes
  • Good preparation for and close cooperation with primary school