On winter sports

Finally the time had come: after months of waiting we finally went on winter sports. I don't know who thought it more exciting, the girls or me!

On to Austria, with the whole car fully loaded. Fien and Jet were well prepared, they knew this was going to be a long journey. After half an hour Kaat thought that we were really well on our way and the question “are we there yet” was heard regularly. Especially when we saw snow after 2.5 hours, we really had to be there. Fortunately, we had enough distraction with us. Booklets, CDs and a nice ball of wool for finger crocheting. Jet has crocheted a very long “mouse scarf”. Games and videos were of course also perfect to pass the time.

Once at your destination, the adventure of the first ski lesson began. Very nice to see that all three girls approach and experience this differently. Fien especially wants to do things very much and has little interest for the ski teacher, Jet finds her very interesting and Kate actually found it all quite exciting. Of course it is, 3 years old and then with a strange teacher, who does not even speak Dutch. That was also the moment when I asked myself, am I doing this right?

But luckily I have a very down to earth man who says let's go, they have our phone number and if there is something they will call. Of course it is, because how often did I say that sentence myself to parents when they first brought their child to our daycare? Very often… and fortunately it almost never happened that I actually had to call.

And how nice it is to think at the end of the week: how good that we did this, everyone had a great week. Enjoyed the skiing, the snow and each other. How nice it was to spend the afternoons playing with Kaat in the snow and skiing with the big girls. How cool they were when they came down the red slope on the last day, fantastic!