Great news, we have a daughter! At 40 weeks and 11 days, I am eventually introduced to the hospital. And that same afternoon our daughter is in my arms. She took a while but what is she worth it. A decent birth weight and all the trimmings. How proud and happy we are and how sweet she is!

After one night in the hospital we can go home the next day. Only. By car. M. has never driven so carefully. And I sit in the back seat with a watchful eye over our little girl who is sleeping comfortably in her Maxi-Cosi. Completely oblivious to her nervous mom and dad. Because now we have been 'let go' by the hospital and we have to do it ourselves. Well, not quite by itself. Because as soon as we drive into the driveway at home, grandma is already ready with the camera to film our arrival. And a little later the maternity nurse arrives. After our introduction, she sends me to bed immediately. She is not interested in arguments such as “but I am not tired” and “I can also rest on the couch”. Hmm, so resolute lady. Well I do go to bed with our daughter next to me in the crib. Then 3 hours later to wake up from a kind of coma because our little lady is signing up for a feed. OK, maybe I was a bit tired after all. After feeding I stumble down the stairs (I don't know if I walk that strange because of my delivery or because of the thick maternity bandage ..) and then hardly recognize my living room anymore. Of course there are now pink garlands, but everything looks neat and tidy. Not that our house was such a dump now, but the last days of my pregnancy I was really enough on myself and cleaning was the last thing I felt like doing. But our house is now completely 'maternity visit proof'. M. and I still laugh about it at night. And we have secretly renamed our maternity nurse 'the white tornado'.