Toddlers can continue to learn and discover during the summer holidays

During the summer holidays, the summer school for toddlers of Kibeo is also open in Moerdijk. For example, it was summer school at Kibeo De Toren on the Witte Arend in Zevenbergen on Friday morning, 14 August. This summer school is especially for children who attend the toddler group with an early childhood indication (support in language development) from the consultation office. The children can therefore continue to playfully practice words, language and starting math together with their friends during the summer holidays.

Commitment to pre-school support
“Offering toddlers opportunities to develop in a playful way and to prepare themselves for primary school is high on the municipality's agenda”, Alderman Eef Schoneveld explains. Eef: “Summer school makes it a lot easier for toddlers to get back into rhythm after the summer holidays. In addition, a possible backlog, which arose because toddlers could not come to daycare during the corona crisis, can be made up again. ”

By making an early effort to eliminate possible developmental backlogs, the toddlers can make a good and equal start at primary school. Central government also devotes a great deal of attention to this support for language development. By focusing on educational disadvantages, heavier forms of, for example, youth assistance or parts of appropriate education are prevented at a later stage. Partly due to the effectiveness of this support, toddlers with an indication from the consultation office are allowed to come to the toddler group for 16 hours a week instead of 10 hours from August. A substantial increase in preschool support.

Two branches in Moerdijk
To continue the development for these toddlers, the municipality is happy to participate in the summer school. By offering a subsidy, supplemented by a contribution from the government, the summer school can take place at two locations in our municipality. The summer school of Kibeo is open several days a week throughout the summer holidays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. In the municipality of Moerdijk there is a Kibeo summer school at De Toren in Zevenbergen (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) and 't Ravelijn in Klundert (on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays). A total of 22 toddlers within the municipality of Moerdijk attend the summer school. 14 children go to Kibeo de Toren and 8 toddlers go to Kibeo 't Ravelijn.

Support from the municipality
At one of these locations, De Toren primary school, there is no other activity in the school during the summer months. In order to be able to accommodate this (legally required) rear guard without extra costs, employees of the municipality carry out their normal activities at the location of the summer school. This makes flexible working even more flexible! In addition, the employees of the municipality also gain valuable experience by helping out where necessary, such as having lunch together and playing games with the toddlers.

Stimulate motor skills and language development
During the summer school, Kibeo works together with the pop Puk on the theme 'Oef wat warm!' In the summer theme, various activities are discussed, in which playful work is done on the development of the toddlers. While the children learn everything about crafting, ordering and selling ice cream in a fun way, motor skills and language development are stimulated, among other things. That is not only fun and educational. This makes it a lot easier to get back into the rhythm after the holiday.

Eveline Bos, regional manager Kibeo: “Kibeo De Toren is open for toddler care and after school care during school weeks, but this location is closed during school holidays. There are several children in the toddler group with a pre- and early childhood indication. That is why we wanted to be able to receive the toddlers at this location in Zevenbergen during the summer holidays. We discussed this with the municipality of Moerdijk, they fully agreed with us that it is most pleasant for the children when they can also go to their trusted location during summer school. ”

Many municipal employees have responded to the offer to work on location at Kibeo de Toren. Eveline: “It's really great that they are so enthusiastic about this and that the municipality is so helpful! We notice that the cooperation between our shelter and the municipality of Moerdijk is very pleasant. They think along with us, even during the corona crisis, for example. ”