Sister love

I, like many parents and childcare professionals, was looking forward to the start of the new TV show 'The Secret World of a 4 Year Old'.

My high expectations were more than fulfilled. How fantastic it is to see how children have their own world, with their own ideas, activities and fantasies. And to see how covenants are made, argued and reconciled and how roles are distributed very naturally, wonderful!

Of course I also see the roles and patterns, as in the program on TV, happening here at home. It is nice to see how Fien and Jet can work together, when they need something from us, and then have the biggest fight again 5 minutes later. Where in boys it often comes down to physical arguments, with us it is often only accompanied by a lot of noise.

And yes what do you do as a parent? I try to assess the situation and where possible I let them find a solution themselves. I think it is very important that they dare to stand up for themselves and that they set their limits. Arguing with your brother or sister is the best school for that, right?

You might expect that Kate is often the victim as the youngest… rest assured, Kate is the big boss here at home! What she wants will happen and she throws everything into battle for it. Fien and Jet pick her twice as much as each other. She is the little “sweet” sister after all.

But when it comes down to it, as a little sister you can always go to your big sister. We regularly find an empty bed here. Kaat then lies in bed with Fien and dreams further there. <3