It started loosening my belt a little. Then I left the button of my jeans open with a rubber band in between. But when I could only put on leggings with a dress or tunic, I could no longer ignore it: I really have to wear maternity pants. According to my environment, I am late with it, I have friends who no longer fit in their pants at 12 weeks.

A bit of surfing around the internet shows that there are 2 types of pants: a kind of straightjacket over your stomach and pants that hang under your stomach. My sister advises me to go for the straightjacket, but stubborn as I am I order a number of 'low' pants from various websites (tired of offline shopping after that last shopping marathon at the baby shop). To then return them all because they are not comfortable on my stomach. Okay, then let's go for the straightjacket! I can now pull the large elastic band over my breasts if I want to. In any case, it is nice and warm. Suddenly I realize that in a few months that whole piece of cloth will be filled with belly. What a bizarre idea!