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About Kibeo



We prepare children for their future through the combination of guidance, education, talent development and attention. Thanks to the efforts of our pedagogical professionals, we help children develop in various areas, such as cognitive, social-emotional, language skills and physical.

Children develop in a safe and familiar environment. They come into contact with other children and adults and learn to form relationships. This ensures social development that provides a good foundation for the rest of their lives. Because those who learn it at a young age will enjoy it for a lifetime.

Children are naturally curious and like to explore. Every day, together with their peers, they receive a wealth of experiences and opportunities at childcare. Together children discover what they like and what they are good at. Children have certain sensitive periods in their lives when the environment has a major influence on their development. We respond to this by offering appropriate offers that suit every age and development phase.

All children deserve to go to childcare. Our offering contributes to the development of children and that is why our mission is to reach as many children as possible. Kibeo is a non-profit organization and we therefore try to keep childcare as accessible as possible. We are present in every village and every district. Close to families and promoting the quality of life in the core. Our childcare is accessible and affordable, so that children can grow up with opportunities in their own familiar environment.


Our goal is to help all children grow up into healthy, social and responsible young adults who make a positive contribution to society now and in the future. We strive for equal opportunities for every child by optimally guiding and supporting all children in their development.

Eerste stapje in de wereld

Our core values



Children grow up with us and we encourage them to grow in their development. We also believe it is important that our employees have the opportunity to grow and we ensure that they continue to develop their knowledge and expertise. Thanks to our own research and the involvement of relevant scientists, our knowledge and expertise is constantly growing. We also want to be accessible to all children and to achieve this, growth in the number of locations is important.



Togetherness is central because our children play together and learn together. With each other and with our pedagogical staff who, in addition to social interaction, let the children's own pace and individuality be leading. But together also means: together with parents and all the people and organizations involved with a child. Together we can give the children a happy and promising start.



We stimulate children's self-confidence and help them develop their talents. This is best done in a familiar environment with familiar faces and the expertise of personally involved pedagogical staff. Moreover, we are a stable and reliable organization, close to home in a familiar village or neighborhood. Parents can bring their children to us with confidence for a day of new experiences and inspiring experiences.

The organisation

Elly Brand

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board supervises policy and the general course of affairs. They also have the task of assisting the director with advice. The Supervisory Board is composed in such a way that it can perform its duties properly. The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

Stephan Buijsse, chairman
Leo de Bakker
Olaf McDaniel
Els Groenewoud

Safe and trusted childcare

Working on quality

As a parent, it is quite difficult to make a choice for childcare. After all, how do you know that the organization you choose is of good quality? At Kibeo we are very open about our quality and we are happy to tell you about it. Your child is literally in safe, professional hands.

Pedagogical policy

When you opt for childcare, you want your son or daughter to have a safe place with plenty of room to play, develop and meet other children. In the pedagogical policy plan we indicate the frameworks, vision and starting points from which we to work. Here we tell you what we do and why we do it that way.

Parent involvement

We naturally involve you as a parent in everything we do. Kibeo has an active parent policy. You can talk and think about the shelter in various ways.

More about Kibeo

Organization chart
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Annual report
Look back and look ahead with Kibeo's 2022 annual report

Annual accounts
The annual accounts of Kibeo can be requested via [email protected].

The provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of the Social Childcare Trade Association apply to our services. You read them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about childcare at Kibeo? Maybe it is among our frequently asked questions. If not, you can always contact us at [email protected] or call (0113) 760 250.

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