Baby’s,First,Independent,Steps,On,The,Grass. Baby’s,First,Independent,Steps,On,The,Grass.
opens up your world
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Your little one
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Play together
Develop together

A familiar environment for every child

A familiar place for my baby

Your child will meet his or her first friends at daycare. No matter how small your child is, children learn a lot from each other. With various activities we ensure that your child develops at his or her own pace.

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Kibeo opens your world

We offer a place where both children and employees can be themselves, where they are challenged to try new things and where they are encouraged to follow their own interests and passion.

Kibeo is a place where children and our professionals discover, develop and fully utilize their talents. Together we are committed to the growth and development of every child and every colleague. Kibeo provides a wealth of experiences and opens up a world full of possibilities.

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A good start for your child

All children deserve the chance of a good start. At Kibeo, your child lays the foundation for a socially skilled life and a healthy future full of self-confidence. We look at what is best for your child and take into account what your child needs. Your child has all the peace and space to explore and to explore the world at their own pace.

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Together on an adventure

Playing together, learning from other children and making friends. Your child enjoys and enjoys contact with others. Our pedagogical professionals create a familiar environment where your child grows together with other children and makes the first friendships.


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