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When you go to work, you want to make sure that your child is in good hands. A nice, safe place, where your child is cared for with love and where they enjoy going.

At Kibeo, your child gets the space to develop and explore together with friends. Have fun playing in the challenging play corners and as much as possible outside on the green playground! We keep to the rhythm of home as much as possible, so that your child quickly feels familiar. Your child will have their own place in a permanent group and will get to know the pedagogical staff and the other children well.

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Hooray, a little one is on the way!

You're expecting a little one, congratulations! A wonderful time, in which you make many choices. And making a choice for the care of your baby, who has not yet been born, can be exciting. Because what is best for your child? And what makes you feel comfortable?

You want the very best for your little one, even when you go back to work. It is nice to know that your child is in safe hands with us. This is how baby specialists work at our baby group; pedagogical staff who have followed special baby training, so that they know exactly what your child needs.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide care that suits your child and we can advise you well. We understand what you and your child need.

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Happy baby

In the baby group your baby gets the loving care and attention he or she needs. Your child can learn to crawl on soft rugs and he or she plays in the floor box with other babies. Your child will get to know the first friends at daycare. No matter how small your child is, children respond to each other, recognize each other and seek each other out.

Through small, playful and varied activities, such as looking in the mirror, crawling on the mat or reading aloud, we support the development of your child.

Your baby will develop more easily when he or she comes to daycare more often. It offers peace and stability. The pedagogical staff also get to know your child, its needs and the development line well. This allows them to better guide and stimulate your child in his or her development.

Growing together in a nice place


Discovering toddler

A toddler develops at lightning speed. The world is literally at his or her feet and that's a party!

At Kibeo, the rhythm of your little one is always the starting point of the daily schedule. In close consultation, we ensure the right balance between playing with friends, stimulating development and quiet moments. Because your toddler should feel just as comfortable at Kibeo as at home.

At Kibeo we have plenty of options to offer childcare based on your wishes. It is our goal to make agreements that you feel comfortable with and that fit your personal situation. Your child enjoys with us while you work carefree.

Curious toddler

When your toddler turns four years old and he or she starts primary school, quite a lot will change.

When you choose Kibeo childcare, the step to school is a small one. Almost all daycare centers work with Toddler start, certified programs that stimulate your child's development.

Kibeo only employs qualified employees who have followed child-related training. They give your toddler all the care and love. Our own Kibeo Academy is there to keep everyone's knowledge up-to-date. From safety to nutrition, pedagogy and care: the employees who care for your child are always aware of the latest developments.

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