ouders vertellen over peuteropvang bij Kibeo Stellegors ouders vertellen over peuteropvang bij Kibeo Stellegors
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Nadine, mother of Levy, about toddler care at Kibeo Stellegors

Published April 6, 2021

Bringing your child to preschool for the first time can be quite exciting! It can therefore be nice to hear how other parents experience this. Nadine tells you about her experience with the toddler care at Kibeo Stellegors in Stellendam, where her son Levy plays.

“When I started looking for toddler care, I started collecting information online. There I came across the toddler care at Kibeo Stellegors in Stellendam. I had already heard good stories about Kibeo from acquaintances, so that is why I finally chose this shelter. Levy now plays 2 mornings a week in the toddler group of Kibeo Stellegors.”

Levy was quickly put at ease
“I was very curious how Levy would find it at the toddler group. In the beginning he had to get used to it, but the pedagogical staff were incredibly helpful. They quickly put Levy at ease. Now he's having a great time!”

Always go home with fun stories
“I am very satisfied with the pedagogical staff! It is a really nice team that is ready for the children and parents. In addition, Levy does educational activities at the toddler group and they work with fun themes. Levy always comes home with fun stories! At noon the children have a nice meal together, even when I pick up Levy at the beginning of the afternoon.”

Reception located in the school
“It is great that Kibeo has extensive reception options. In addition, it is very nice for me personally that the branch is in the same building as the primary school. When Levy goes to group 1, he has already been able to get used to it in time by checking the school every now and then. Thanks to the fun themes and activities and because Levy already knows the environment of primary school, he will soon go to primary school full of confidence.”

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ouders vertellen over peuteropvang bij Kibeo Stellegors