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Parents Tell

Rien, Rick's dad, about childcare at Kibeo Stellegors

Published November 2, 2021

Bringing your child to daycare for the first time can be quite exciting! It can therefore be nice to hear how other parents experience this. Rien tells you about his experience with childcare at Kibeo Stellegors in Stellendam, where his son Rick plays.

“Rick is now 2 years old and has been going to childcare at Kibeo Stellegors in Stellendam one day a week since he was 4 months old.”

“When we were looking for a childcare facility for Rick, we hesitated between the Kibeo branch in Dirksland and the branch in Stellendam. Although we both work in Dirksland, we still opted for the care at Kibeo Stellegors in Stellendam. We found this easy, because grandma lives close by and she can pick Rick up from the shelter if something unexpected happens. In practice, this turned out to be a good choice; 'Old grandma' likes to look at the fence every now and then to see if she sees Rick playing!”

A great place to develop and play with other children
“In advance, the shelter at Kibeo Stellegors seemed like a good place for Rick to learn how to play. We now experience this as well. We leave Rick with peace of mind every week and he is having a great time! It is a great location to develop and play with other children. We notice that he is learning more and more at the shelter and is already picking up a lot. By playing together, he also learns to share with other children. Rick can also go his own way. Recently he didn't feel like tinkering and said to the teacher; "Shall we not go and play outside?"

The personal contact via the parent app is very pleasant
“As a parent, you are kept well informed via My Kibeo, Kibeo's parent portal. This contact via the special parent app is very pleasant, that way you know how things are going and what Rick is doing in a day.”

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