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Welkom bij Kibeo Achterdorp in Dirksland

Bij ons is er voor je kind veel te zien, beleven en ontdekken. De allerkleinste ontdekken bij Kibeo de wereld om hen heen. Leren kruipen op heerlijke zachte kleden en lekker brabbelen tegen leeftijdsgenootjes. Door voor te lezen of liedjes te zingen, werken we aan de taalontwikkeling van je kleintje. Binnen zijn er uitdagende speelhoeken voor je zoon of dochter en er kan natuurlijk ook altijd geknutseld worden, enorm leuk en goed voor de fijne motoriek! Buiten kan je kind lekker rennen of samen met vriendjes op avontuur gaan. Bij Kibeo is geen dag hetzelfde! Ben je benieuwd waar je kind straks misschien eet, speelt, slaapt en vriendjes maakt? Maak een afspraak voor een guided tour. We would like to meet you.

Emely Tanis
Location manager

Good to know
  • We zijn gevestigd in ‘Hart van Dirksland’, goed contact met nabijgelegen consultatiebureau
  • Via the parent portal My Kibeo you see what your child experiences and learns
Day care in short
  • Open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.30pm
  • Specially trained baby specialists
  • Your child plays with peers
  • Thanks to toddler start your toddler will be well prepared for primary school
  • Peuters wennen aan de basisschool in de peuterplusgroep
  • Lichte en ruime locatie met een mooi buitenplein
  • De allerkleinsten hebben een eigen speelpleintje
  • Bij slecht weer spelen we in onze eigen gymzaal
  • GGD report

Safe and trusted place for your baby

Are you looking for a safe and secure place where your baby is received with love? We welcome your little one with open arms to our calm and pleasant baby group. We discuss with you what your rhythm is from home and we follow that as much as possible.

Development through new experiences

The pedagogical staff are specially trained to provide your baby with the best care, so that you entrust your child to us with a good feeling. We stimulate your child in his or her development as much as possible. Your child is given plenty of space to learn to crawl and play with toys that are appropriate for his or her age. Your baby easily makes contact with the other children and thus learns a lot.

The first steps of your toddler

When your baby takes the first toddling steps, it has become a toddler. Then it is very important that the interior is safe and soft. We take care of that.

Learning from other children
Toddlers develop very quickly. We encourage these little ones to discover the world through play. By watching other children and playing with other children, they pick up a lot. We give your child plenty of room to develop within the group.

Your toddler on a journey of discovery

Your little toddler is turning 2 years old, you now have a discovering toddler! Toddlers quickly become more independent, are curious and enjoy playing with peers.

Learning and growing in a playful way
Are you looking for a nice daycare for your toddler that offers security and attention and also prepares your little one for primary school? With toddler start Kibeo gives your toddler the opportunity to explore, gain experience and push boundaries. They learn and grow together with friends. Together with you, we ensure that your toddler develops step by step into a child that will soon be ready for primary school.

Your uk, learns together with our Puk

When your toddler comes to play with us, he or she quickly makes a new friend; Puk. Puk is a doll and experiences all kinds of recognizable, normal, fun and also exciting things.

New skills
Puk teaches your toddler a lot in a playful way, such as making friends and the concepts 'big' and 'small' in the Puk theme 'Giants and Gnomes'. While singing your son or daughter learns to count and how many candles there are on the birthday cake.


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