Calculation tool

Note: Our calculation tool is currently only suitable for parents who qualify for childcare allowance.

The cost of childcare depends on your personal situation. With our handy calculation tool you will quickly get a good idea of what you will ultimately lose each month. You can see what the costs are for the desired childcare and an indication of what you will get back from the government.

Childcare allowance or not? 

The government considers childcare very important for the development of children. That is why, if you and your partner are both working or studying, you will receive a contribution towards the costs of childcare; childcare allowance. You sometimes get back up to 70% of the costs. Are you not eligible for childcare allowance and would you like to calculate your net monthly costs? Please contact the Customer Relations department via or 0113 760 250. You will receive free advice and a tailor-made quotation.

If you are not entitled to childcare allowance, you pay an income-related monthly contribution. Each municipality has its own scheme for this. Check here what (extra) arrangements there are in your municipality!

Calculation tool transitional arrangement

Are you already a Kibeo customer and are you making use of a transitional arrangement? Then use this version of the calculation tool to calculate the costs for 2021 of your current package (OV) and easily compare with the standard childcare options.